- Produces espresso of the highest quality
- Extracts coffee at 8-9 bars of pressure
- Reaches water temperatures of 85-90 degrees
- Made completely of a durable anondized aluminum
- FREE 500 grams of coffee with every purchase

Gigante Coffee is proud to be the Australian distributor of the Bacchi Espresso Machine. This is no ordinary stove-top espresso maker. It's patented and ingenious design utilises the finest parts to create a device that pushes the boundaries of stove-top espressos.

While the normal stove-top extracts coffee from a direct pressure build up, the Bacchi maintains pressure in a seperate chamber that can be released on demand. This means the coffee is extracted at 9 bars of pressure, producing espresso of the highest quality. We can personally testify that the flavour produced in the Bacchi is comparable, if not better than any home espresso machine.

See below for a video demonstration of The Bacchi.

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