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At Gigante we don't just say we care about quality coffee, we live by it . Our team is passionately devoted to the craft of sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee that is non-ordinary - being both delicious and distinctive.

We also know that our cafe partners (and customers at home) need our support, training and information and we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver a great coffee experience right to the cup, and not just to the bag. 

Our mission is to deliver consistently exceptional coffee to every customer - which is why our cafe consultancy team has the skill set to support, recognise value and realise opportunities in Melbourne's ever growing and highly competitive cafe marketplace. 

Gigante's approach to coffee is blend of the old and the new. We have significant Melbourne coffee heritage and have roasted and supplied Melbournians with coffee for over 30 years but that's not to say we don't have a strong culture of embracing change and innovation. 

We see the coffee industry as an ever-evolving combination of preferences, needs, standards and knowledge and we want to meet this evolving market with innovation and flavour that drives cafe growth and consumer appreciation. 

With an in-house Q-grader, we have implemented precision technology into our vintage Probat roasters and have the ability to finely tailor coffee profiles and create taste experiences that we think rival the worlds most celebrated coffee roasting companies.  

We hold our producing partners dear and are dedicated to a sustainable and ethical coffee industry through producer partnerships, direct trade and developmental projects focusing on improving quality as well as the producers bottom line. 

Our dedication to the craft of coffee is showcased by the 14 medals (including 4 silver medals) from the 15 entries we were awarded in the 2018-19 Australia Golden Bean awards. These awards were in the most contested categories including espresso, filter and milk coffee.


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